Justin Moore Once Fell Off The Stage Twice During The Same Show: “I Spilled The Same Guy’s Beer Two Times”

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As somebody who’s about as graceful as baby elephant, I know how it feels to constantly be falling, bumping into things, or even tripping over your own feet.

Luckily when I do it, it’s not on stage in front of thousands of people.

Unfortunately Justin Moore isn’t as lucky.

On this week’s episode of The Justin Moore Podcast, Justin told guest Carly Pearce about the time that he fell off the stage during a show.

Twice. During the same concert.

It was in Springfield, Missouri at the first show of his second headlining tour, the “Off the Beaten Path” tour back in 2013. According to Justin, the catwalk that was being used during that show was shorter than what they had used during rehearsal due to space constraints at the venue.

Well apparently Justin didn’t realize it and walked right off the end of the stage, falling onto a metal barricade below and spilling a fan’s beer in the process.

Justin got himself back on stage, cracked a few jokes, and said he wanted to “meet the first person who put that on YouTube.”

And sure enough, there’s video of the incident on YouTube – at least the aftermath.

Well fast forward a couple songs, and Justin manages to take a tumble off the stage again – in the same spot as the first time.

“Two songs later I do it again. I spilled the same guy’s beer two times.”

And to add insult to injury (more on that in a minute), this time the entire incident was caught on camera.

After Justin falls off the stage, you see his team bring out some tape to try to clearly mark the end of the stage, while the poor guy who has already lost two beers is standing there with his hands up like, “What do I do now?”

Justin was a good sport about it both then and now as he retells the story, but he was actually injured by the pair of spills: After going to the hospital the next day to get checked out, Justin learned that he had broken three ribs.

Not the way you want to start out a tour.

Hear Justin tell the full story, and check out his full interview with Carly Pearce, on this week’s episode of The Justin Moore Podcast.

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A beer bottle on a dock