Cody Johnson: “I’m Tired Of People In Hollywood Thinking Their Opinion Matters”

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Listen up folks, because Cody Johnson has something to say.

If you’ve seen CoJo live you know that besides putting on one of the best damn shows in country music, he also spends some time every night paying tribute to veterans and first responders – all the heroes in uniform who fought for and protect our freedom.

And during his recent show at The Country Fest in North Lawrence, Ohio, Cody delivered another epic rant letting everybody know just how he feels about the people in Hollywood who seem to think that their celebrity status somehow makes them an expert on running the country.

“What I’m tired of is people in Hollywood thinking their opinion matters because they have a blue check next to their name on Twitter.

I’m gonna say this one time: I don’t care if you’re left, I don’t care if you’re right, I don’t care whether you are black, brown, or white.

The only colors that matter right here are the United States red, white and blue.”

And Cody says it’s not about political party, it’s about respecting those who have fought for our freedoms:

“You may not have liked the last president. You may not like this president. All I’m gonna tell you is this: Men and women of all shapes and sizes, of all colors, of all backgrounds, get up everyday.

They put on a police officer’s uniform or a firefighter’s uniform. They go sit in a sandbox in Iraq or Afghanistan for the freedom to be here today.

And let me just say this: Everybody that wants to run their mouth about this country online, let me tell you this.

I got friends that didn’t come home. I got friends that came home, and they never came home in their minds, for you to have the freedom to have an opinion in the first place.”

Cody also has a pretty simple solution for all the negativity: Just turn off the news.

“I got a challenge for you: When you turn on three different news stations, and all they want to preach is negativity, all they want to tell you is how this country’s going, ‘be fearful,’ ‘you should be scared,’ ‘don’t go outside.’

Turn the news station off.

When you’ve got people in your life that want to run down my United States of America, turn ’em off. You will not miss ’em, I promise.”

Cody acknowledges that what he’s saying is probably going to piss some people off, and some will probably call him “very hateful names” because “apparently it’s unpatriotic to be patriotic these days.”

But CoJo’s never one to back down from a fight, whether it’s with the music industry or people who have problems with his country.

So before launching into his defiant “Doubt Me Now,” Cody has a message for all those folks:

“This next song is directed right at you.”

Gotta love CoJo.

You’ll always know exactly where he stands.

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