Kid Getting His A** Whooped By A Garbage Can Is The Funniest Video On The Internet

There’s a pretty common gripe that kids these days don’t know the meaning of hard work. And while I’d tend to agree, here we find a kid who’s on the right track.

This youngster is taking out the trash, checking off that chore list, but as you know, sometimes, life just wars against you. Even a task as simple as taking out the garbage can become a pain in the ass.

Originally featured on America’s Funniest Home Videos back in 2016, this video once again making the rounds on the internet.

I’m howling.

You gotta love the fight in this kid though, right? I mean, how many kids would take a beating like that and keep fighting to get that damn trash can out.

Right off the bat, the lid cold cocks him square upside the head, and what does he do? He takes it like a man, closes the lid and carries on. BOOM, another shot to the face. He gathers himself, secure the lid with a free hand, but the can is able to shake loose and deliver another blow to chops.

And this point, me being a grown ass man, would be cussing up a storm, I’d throw that thing in the street and leave it there to die. But not this kid, he just keeps getting back up. You can’t teach that kind of grit.

So here we are in 2021, at the peak of human existence, the entire world at our fingertips, and we choose to pass the time watching old videos of a kid getting his ass handed to him by a garbage can?

You’re damn right we do.

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