Paige Spiranac After BYU Runner’s Wardrobe Malfunction: “Don’t Want Anyone Complaining About My Cleavage Anymore”

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This past Friday marked the NCAA men’s track & field championships, and needless to say, things didn’t go quite as planned.

A BYU runner (ironically enough) in the 3000m event must have forgot to put on his tighty-whities before the race, or something just slipped through the cracks, as fans across the world were forced to see something that nobody wanted to see.

His junk… just swaying in the breeze.

It was quite the viral moment for the young BYU runner.

And one of those viewers? Ms. Paige Spiranac herself…

The conversation around Paige usually is focused on her and was promptly body bagged by Spiranac after he commented negatively about one of her magazine photo-shoots. Still, it makes for great entertainment though.

After this dude’s sack was on full display, she hit Twitter with another zinger.

“I just watched a dude run with his nut sack out for 3000m in the NCAA championship. I don’t want anyone complaining about my cleavage anymore.”

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