Former Green Beret Explains How To Escape From Zip Ties, Handcuffs, And Other Precarious Situations

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This skill is kind of like using a fire extinguisher or the dropdown oxygen mask on a plane in that hopefully you never need to know how to do it. But there’s a reason fire extinguishers have instructions on the tag and there’s a reason flight attendants show you how to use those masks before every single flight.

Well just in case poor life decisions or horribly unlucky circumstances leave with the need to escape from bondage by zip tie, then this dude has got you covered.

They recently featured tik-tok videos from a former Green Beret named Jon Bezrouch, who frequently posts videos with footage and instructions for freeing yourself s from zip ties, handcuffs, and other forms of situational bondage.

Not saying it’s a skill you’ll ever need in life, but if you get apprehended for shenanigans at a music festival or concert this summer or something, or ever found yourself in real danger, then this type of knowledge in the back of your mind might come in handy.

Sadly the world is a crazy place, and even though hopefully no one will never need to put any of these skills to the test, Jon has videos that cover just about any scenario you may ever need to escape from.

Zip Tied To A Chair 


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Zip Tied To Chair But Barefoot


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For more content on how to escape precarious situations, follow Jon on tik-tok.

His videos are entertaining, but with the world being such a crazy place the informative value of his videos may just equip you with knowledge that could your life one day.

Several of his videos have eclipsed the multi-million view mark, as the peace of mind in knowing you’re prepared in any unforgiving situation is apparently very population on social media.

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