Cam Hanes Trolls The Haters By Placing Target On His New Truck

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Known for his high intensity workouts and his even higher intensity archery training, Cam Hanes is one of the most influential social media influencers in the outdoor industry.

His routine affinity for pushing the limits with everything he does and the unfiltered nature of his content make him a polarizing figure to some people.

But when it comes to truly being obsessed with the bow hunting and fitness lifestyle, then no one is more authentically committed than Cam Hanes.

Also… big Whiskey Riff guy:

His abnormal self-discipline when it comes to training  has ultimately led to him being one of the most skilled archers on the planet. Few people on earth can sling arrows faster, further, or with more precision than him.

His ability to control his nerves under pressure and make accurate shots under high stress situations is a major part of why he’s one of the most well renowned archery hunters in the industry. To hone his skills under pressure, Hanes routinely sets up himself up with practice shots that have potential consequences.

For example, earlier this week he put his skills to the test with a lot on the line as he set an archery target up on the hood of his brand new pick up truck and let a few arrows fly.

Being that Hanes is the type of guy whose success seems to bother other people for some reason, he tends to get motivation out of stirring up drama with those who look to stir up drama with him. This situation was no different.

Setting his bow target on the hood of his truck may seem innocuous in the eyes of many people, but move seemed to upset an abnormal amount of people online.

Most of them presumably just upset that Cam Hanes drives a nicer truck than them and shoots a more expensive bow and arrow with them.

Hanes disregard for potentially damaging his truck seemed to set off quite a few haters in the comment section of the post, something the Hanes said knew would happen.

In fact, inciting the controversy appears to have been part of his plan. He was able to stretch the negative attention out into more content as he put some of the nay-sayers on blast in his Instagram story.

Well many folks online used the video as a reason to show genuine disdain for Hanes, other people found the innate humor in the situation. Some of the comments included:

“But what if you neighbor walks by….. with a dog….. who’s walking a cat…. while doing a handstand….. with his eyes crossed…. on the phone…. and listening to music…”

And you miss and hit the window and it ricochets splits in two and kills two endangered owls?”

To further exhibit to shoot under pressure and with consequences on the line, Hanes also recently displayed his archery ability with another showcase of skills that included a caption about intentionally trolling people on the internet, when he used a compound bow to shoot a slice of a cheese off a mouse trap with an arrow while not hitting triggering the trap.

To make that feat even more impressive the mouse trap itself was being held by someone whose hand wound up being just inches from the fast moving arrow.

The caption seems to indicate that the archery display was yet another response to internet trolls who frequently question Hanes’ ability as an outdoorsman beyond just his social media presence.

“TROLL HARD or not at all.”

“Can you believe I got paid good money for this? Is this a dream?”

“Nerds: “I can’t do that so you shouldn’t either.”

Keep Hammerin’

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