Guy (Idiot) Drops Nearly $9,000 At Las Vegas Pool Party, $75 Alone On CHICKEN FINGERS?

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When you go out to the bars, there’s always two types of people.

Those who get expensive fruity mixed drinks and overpriced bottles tequila… and those who get $1 Busch Lattes.

Be the latter…

However, special occasions or holidays might tempt people to spend a little more than they normally would, and for some people, they’re willing to pay out the arse. For one random dude in Vegas on Memorial Day… well, paying out the arse is an understatement.

A guy was exposed by one of his buddies after a long pool party at a Las Vegas hotel (Encore Beach Club) this past Memorial Day, revealing a bar tab that climbed to unforeseen levels.

And we’re not talking a few hundred bucks, even a few thousand… we’re talking over EIGHT GRAND.

And no, it doesn’t appear he was just paying for everybody he looked at, as he dropped a whopping $825 for a single bottle of Tito’s, and over $4,000 on a few bottles of champagne.

Does this guy wipe his ass with $100 bills? Is he just that stupid? Both?

And I refuse to believe that you can legitimately charge $75 for a damn chicken finger platter.

Then again, you could be this one-upping idiot….

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A beer bottle on a dock