Monster Blue Marlin Hauled In Off Coast Of Hawaii, Weighed Over 1,000 Pounds

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World Grander Club

There are fish. Then there are big fish. Then there are really big fish.

Then there are fish so rare and special that they’re truly the fish of a lifetime.

A “grander,” the nickname given to Marlins that tip the scales at more than 1,000 pounds, are truly the fish of a lifetime for any of the few anglers ever lucky enough to land one.

In order to have a chance at landing big marlins, you have to be willing to put in some serious work, and maybe most importantly, some serious money.

Chasing marlins generally requires traveling long distances by boat, as the fish have expansive ranges throughout the sea. Marlin fishing most commonly takes place off the coasts of Florida, Hawaii, Portugal, Mexico, Australia, and South Africa.

According to BroBible, Captain Kevin Hiney, alongside Angler Tara Thompson-Disnard, recently hauled in a 1,028-pound Blue Marlin off the coast of Kalaoa, Hawaii, aboard the Captain Hiney’s boat, the Sundowner.

The catch was recognized by the World Grander Club, a historic fishing club established to recognize the relatively few anglers, captains, and crews that collectively ever haul in marlins of 1,000-pounds or more.

“Kona, HI – Lighting can strike twice, even if in different oceans. We have our 2nd Grander of the Year. Sundowner weighed a 1,028 lbs. Blue Marlin.

“Mahalo’s to everyone for all the support. My peers recognition means the world to me. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this fish!

This is a reminder of why we go through the grind day in and day out! Broken boats to broken hearts! To be able to do this in my back yard w a 20+yr friendship on a boat with amazing mana! I am blessed!”

There are several species of Marlin in the world.

The Atlantic blue marlin inhabits the eastern seaboard of the U.S. across the pond to the coast of West Africa. It is relatively common in the Bahamas and Caribbean. The largest recorded Atlantic blue marlin was more than 16-feet-long and weighed more than 1,800-pounds.

On the other side of the club exists the Indo-Pacific species of blue marlin, which range includes the Pacific and Indian oceans. The species was one known as the silver marlin before it’s genetic relationship to other blue marlins was fully understood. They can reach lengths of up to 16-feet and weigh in at up to 1,400 pounds.

The Indian and Pacific Oceans are also home to black marlins, which exist only in tropical and sub-tropical waters. The largest black marlin ever recorded was just over 15-feet-long and weighed 1650 pounds.

Several smaller species are considered marlins as well, including Longbill spearfish, Roundscale spearfish, Mediterranean spearfish, Shortbill spearfish. Sailfish are also considered marlins, and while they typically don’t grow much over 100-pounds, they are one of the fastest fish in the sea.

Check out this grander catch from a few years back.

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