Sammy Kershaw: The Unsung Hero Of “Redneck Country” In The ’90s

Sammy Kershaw and woman eating food

The ’90s… whatta time to be alive.

Country music was at its peak, with the neo-traditional sound that we’ve all come to know and love. Perhaps the best part about ’90s country, was the rise of “redneck” country music.

Singing about growing up in BFE, rocking mullets, wearing jorts, liking women on the “trashy” side, and pounding PBRs and Bud Heavys at the trailer park.

When you think of redneck country in the ’90s, names like Alan Jackson, Joe Diffie, Tracy Byrd, and Tracy Lawrence immediately come to mind.

However, there’s one unsung king who rocked the “redneck” country genre like it was nobody’s business:

Sammy Kershaw.

I mean seriously, the man arguably did it best, but was often overshadowed by those other huge names that were rockin’ the country charts.

Of course, they deserve all the respect in the world, but it’s time we take a look at the greatness of Mr. Kershaw himself with some of his best “redneck” country hits.

“Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer”

This is it. This is peak “redneck” country right here.

He sings about meeting a woman at “Murphy’s Restaurant,” and they fall in love over chicken friend steaks and sloe gin fizz (still don’t know what the hell that is).

So he makes her the “queen” of his double wide trailer, until he has some competition with a guy named Earl (who later died via the Dixie Chicks), who’s apparently the “Charlie Daniels of the torque-wrench.”

Sammy wins her back over, and they enjoy some nice onion rings and watch TV.

It’s genius.


Another banger. He sings about his first love as a kid, although he has a hard time seeing past her name, “Vidalia.” Yep, just like the onion.

It makes sense though, as her mama’s name is Violet, and her daddy’s name is Dale. However, no matter what Sammy does, he just can’t officially win her over… always making him cry in Sunday School.

“Yard Sale”

I remember when I first heard this song, I assumed it was gonna be a redneck yard sale in a trailer park… but it’s actually a genius heartbreak love ballad.

He sings about how his girl left him, and there’s no chance of her coming back. He’s forced to sell the house, and has to sell all that’s left of her memory at a yard sale. Needless to say, he’s in his feelings. This song just shows the diversity that Kershaw has.

“Third Rate Romance”

In the song, he sings about feeling like a fish outta water in a ritzy restaurant. He’s hanging out at the bar, when he spots a classy lookin’ woman.

He tries to shoot his shot, and she tells him he doesn’t look like her type. He pleads with her to give him a chance, saying he’ll do whatever it takes. He wins her over, and he takes her to the Family Inn, and shows her how to have a good time, redneck style.

“Honky Tonk America”

Before Toby Keith’s hit “I Love This Bar,” there was Kershaw’s “Honky Tonk America.”

It’s about the gloriousness that is a honky tonk, and how after a long day of slaving away at that blue-collar lifestyle, you get to hang out with 100 of your best friends who just went through the same thing as you. Can’t beat it with a stick.

Now this is only a number of his great “redneck” songs, as the list could go on and on forever. The man knew what his style and craft was, and he perfected it as well as anybody.

So Mr. Kershaw, you’ve officially been crowned King of “redneck” country.

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