Utah Man Didn’t Want Girlfriend To Move In With Him, So… He Burned Down His Trailer

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Desperate times call for desperate measures…

It’s honestly mind boggling the extent some guys and girls do to get rid of their significant other. Hell, I heard a story not so long ago about a guy who faked a “COVID” death just to ghost his girlfriend.

And let me tell ya, this story is right up there with it.

Jordan James Berghout, a citizen of Clearfield, Utah, was allegedly having second thoughts about his girlfriend moving into his trailer with him, according to KSL News.

I guess it was just way to out of the way to simply tell her face to face, so what does he do next?

Yea, he set his trailer on fire.

Damn, he really showed her… now they’re both homeless.

On top of that, Berghout is facing charges of aggravated arson, a first-degree felony.

When firefighters were called to the scene on April 25th, the guy was not shy about how and why the fire started. This is what the charges had to say:

“He knew exactly how the fire started, explaining that he had started the fire.”

This is how he started the fire, according to prosecutors:

“(Berghout) sprayed the drapes with automotive cleaner and lit them on fire. The fire caused significant damage to his residence as well as the residence next to his trailer.”

The man also wasn’t shy about his other struggles. He told police he was addicted to meth, and:

“Admitted that he hears voices, and the voices have previously told him to physically harm himself or others.”

Crazy stuff, man. Crazy stuff…

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