Is Parker McCollum Releasing ‘Gold Chain Cowboy’ On July 30th?

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Get excited.

Parker McCollum might’ve just dropped what could be a massive hint in regards to his new album… the long-awaited release date.

He mentioned a few months ago he was aiming to have it out in July, so it only makes sense that he hit us with the official release date any time now:

After also potentially revealing the name of the album a few weeks ago, seemingly titled Gold Chain Cowboy, he posted a rather simple tweet earlier today with just two words, “July 30th”:

And, it sent his fans into a frenzy speculating what exactly it could mean… but mainly just hoping, like me, that it’s the day we’ll finally get our hands on some new music from Parker.

Plus, after putting out a brand new song this past Friday, Drinkin’, this just seems like the obvious next move to me.

Though it’s all pure speculation at this point, a girl can dream…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock