Parker McCollum Drops New Lonesome Drinking Tune, “Drinkin”

“Drinkin'” is finally out.

Parker McCollum released his newest song at midnight, and it’s a good old fashioned country heartbreaker where Parker he finds himself lamenting his drinking problem, but it ends with a bit of a twist.

Check out some of the lyrics:

“Do you miss me when you’re drinkin’?
And would you tell me if you did
If you don’t miss me when you’re drinkin’
I guess that means that you love him

If there’s a chance that you still want me
You know damn well I need some help
I’m tired of drinkin’
So tired of drinkin’
I’m tired of drinkin’ by myself”

In the clip he shared of the song on Instagram yesterday, I thought it might be about him wanting to ultimately fix his drinking problem, but as it turns out, he just wants the girl to drink with him. He doesn’t need help getting sober… he’s just tired of drinking alone. I respect that.

It’s another solid track from Parker on the heels of most recent single, “To Be Loved By You,” and hopefully, just the beginning of a lot of new music from him.

His Texas bestie Koe Wetzel seems to like the song too, replying to Parker’s tweet that it’s officially out, saying:

“If there’s any help for country music at all.”

And I have to agree… I think we’re in good hands with him.

Well said Koe, well said.

Turn it up:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock