Viral Video Reveals The Insane Amount Of Donuts That Dunkin’ Donuts Throws Away Each Day


A Dunkin’ Donuts employee went viral on TikTok recently after a new video revealed just how many donuts they throw out after closing.

And needless to say, it is a SH*T ton.

As the employees get ready to shut it down, you just see donuts flying off the shelves like rain… right into the trash can.


Imagine grinding all day long, making a ton of donuts, only for 75% of them to go straight to the dump?

You would think the food would be donated to people who are in need, but of course, there’s a lot of red tape (health and safety concerns) that make it very difficult to do that.

At the end of the day, it’s still a mind boggling thought, and actually quite sad, to know just how much food goes straight to the gutter.

Sounds like something the Mayor of Dunkin’ needs to handle.

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