Eric Church Celebrates His 10th Career Number One With “Hell Of A View”

Joe Pugliese

Eric Church is officially on a roll here.

Okay never mind, he’s been on a roll since 2006, but it’s awesome to see him fully receive the respect from country radio that has been long overdue.

We’re a little over a month removed from his release of his hit triple album, Heart & Soul, and he’s officially notched his first number one single from the project, the 10th of his career.

And while most artists would kill for just one number one single, it’s hard to argue that country radio hasn’t been very kind to Eric over the years.

But as a constant mainstay in country music for more than a decade, it’s easy to see the excitement and joy this project has brought him, as he was finally able to break off the restraints and create an album that is strictly him:

“This is my favorite project of my career. I really appreciate radio’s support to bring attention to it. I can’t wait to see where we go next!”

I mean c’mon Church, tell me “Hell Of A View” doesn’t make you want to grab your significant other and check out a gorgeous view on top of a mountain as the sun is setting.

And while he should definitely have more, this one is well deserved.

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