World Record Bullhead Catfish Pulled From Tiny Louisiana Pond

A man holding a fish
Michael Landreneau/Louisiana Sportsman

We’ve got another oversized record breaking little fish.

It’s not a minnow or a panfish this time though, it’s the worlds biggest little catfish.

According to Louisiana Sportsman, Michael Landreneau was casting his lure along the mossy side of a private pond near Sunset, Louisiana when the record breaking black bullhead took the bait.

It was a shockingly small pond to house a world record fish. The new 11.3-pound record fish broke the old mark by several pounds. Sadly, no reports or metrics about the fish’s girth were provided.

There had long big rumors of big catfish living the little pond, so Michael decided he’d see if the rumors were true.

“My brother had heard a story that somebody had hooked a big catfish and missed it. This was years ago, so I thought, ‘Let’s me see if there are any catfish still in the pond.

I was not expecting to catch one that big, and I wasn’t prepared for it.”

Landreau has already contacted the International Game Fish Association about registering his record, which handedly broke the previous black bullhead record that was caught in New York in 2015.

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