Evan Felker’s Wife Says He’ll Tour Again: “Yeah, He’ll Play Again Someday”

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Man, I miss me some Turnpike Troubadours.

With concerts ramping back up, festivals ramping back up, normal life as we used to know it slowly starting to come into focus, one of the questions that still weighs heavily on the minds of country music fans (at least the real ones) is… when are Turnpike Troubadours coming back?

Or perhaps the better question… is Turnpike coming back?

But according to Evan Felker’s wife Staci Felker, it’s a matter of when… NOT, if.

Give me a second…

(Opens window, screams “Hallelujah, thank you Jesus” for all the neighbors to hear, closes window).

On recent Instagram post featuring Staci and their sweet baby girl Evangelina rockin’ a new Wrangler denim jacket, one fan asked:

“You’re darling! Is dad ever going back on tour?”

To which Staci replied:

“Yeah, he’ll play again someday, but we’ve really loved and appreciated the time to just be a normal family.”

Music to my ears.

And yeah, if Evan hung it up for good and just wanted to continue focusing on being a father and husband, perfectly content to never step foot on a big stage again, I’d be okay with that. I’d be sad for the music I won’t get to hear, but ultimately, I think most of us fans will take the happiness and the health of Evan over a new album.

But it sounds like happy and healthy is exactly what Evan Felker is right now.

So when that moment comes when he’s ready to back on stage, whether it be with Turnpike or not, we’ll be here waiting.

Fatherhood looks good on you Mr. Felker.

Of course, he did play a few songs with the Teague Brothers Band back in February at a benefit concert around Beaumont, Texas.

And speaking of the Teague Brothers, on a Radio Texas Live Facebook post, someone asked them to spill it on Evan.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Not for me to say, but what I would say, if I could say anything, is that it’s going to be great. Y’all hang in there.”

Get excited.

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