Remember When Randy Johnson Smoked That Bird With A Fastball?

On this date 17 years ago, legendary MLB pitcher Randy Johnson accomplished one of the most impressive thing that has ever been done in the history of professional baseball.

At 40 years old, he became the oldest MLB pitcher in history to throw a perfect game.

Nicknamed “The Big Unit,” the 6-foot 10-inch tall Johnson’s left arm has done some incredibly impressive things on the baseball diamond.

Things like win more than 300 games, strikeout almost 5,000 batters, play in 10 All Star Games, win 5 Cy Young Awards, win a World Series, and get inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame.

Not a bad little resume for the big fella.

None of those career accomplishments are more impressive than the time back 2001 when he cranked up the heat and just absolutely smoked a moving bird with a 100-mph four seamer though.

That was just cool as hell, man. Sorry about the bird though…

This pitcher could throw so hard, his fastball once killed a f*cking bird.

Absolutely smoked that thing.

Just vaporized it into dust like a perfect shot on a clay pigeon.

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A beer bottle on a dock