Meghan Patrick Celebrated Her New Song “Mama Prayed For” By Shooting A Turkey

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Rising country music star Meghan Patrick celebrated the release of her new song “Mama Prayed For” by hitting the woods for a turkey hunt.

Her time afield went just as good as the new song (both great). Even though she picked up hunting later in life, her articulation of the experience again exhibits why she has become one of the hunting communities best ambassadors.

She didn’t just post a picture of the gobbler she shot, she told a personal story that provided an in depth look at what it truly means to be a hunter and the thought process that goes into each hunt.

She also provided a glimpse at the process of turning her bird from a wild animal to something that more resembles the turkeys you see on Thanksgiving.

“The insomnia was real last night. When my alarm went off at 3:15 this morning, I felt like I’d just barely closed my eyes and strongly considered staying in bed.

I also woke up to a text from a friend saying he had to work and wasn’t gonna make it out to hunt with me as planned…I almost gave in to bailing on my hunt.

BUT that nagging voice in the back of my mind, one that all hunters are familiar with on such a morning, just wouldn’t shut off… “what if?”

What if today is meant to be your best hunt ever? Ok FINE…

I made the coffee, hit the road and cranked the Chief to try and get pumped up on the way.

By 7:03am, I had a turkey down…I smiled as that same nagging voice was saying “I told ya so.” It can be pretty easy to just roll over and go back to sleep, especially knowing you wouldn’t be bailing on a friend if you did.

But I’ve also come to realize that my solo hunts have often been some of my most successful and fulfilling hunts, and have also forced me to stand on my own two feet as a hunter, which has always been the goal for me.

I’d like to think God rewarded my commitment with an early bird so I could get home and get some sleep.  Grateful for an exciting hunt, a beautiful bird, and supper on the table tonight.”

Congrats on an awesome hunt and a great bird, Meghan.

And congrats on the release of your new song, “Mama Prayed For,” a rough around the edges anthem for any woman just keepin’ it real:

“I bet she didn’t get on her knees and pray: ‘Dear Heavenly Father, please send down a 5’6 blonde, whiskey drinking, tattoo lovin’, dip spittin’, four letter word cussin’ when she speaks her mind, woman to love my son,’ but here I am.

It turns out that the most important thing we have in common is loving him.”

Patrick’s upcoming album, Heart On My Glass, is due out June 25th.

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