Cody Jinks Releases Stripped Down Version Of “Cast No Stones” From ‘Adobe Sessions Unplugged’

Cody Jinks just does NOT miss.

He’s been releasing stripped down videos of his songs from his Adobe Sessions Unplugged  live album, and of course, they’re stellar.

He put out the video for “Loud & Heavy” a few days ago, and today, he released the acoustic version of “Cast No Stones”.

I love everything about this song, and damn if it isn’t almost better when he does it acoustically. I feel like every time I listen to this track, it hits me where it hurts. I think it resonates so deeply because it’s something many of us can relate to:

“I don’t talk with Jesus
As much as I should
I don’t read that Good Book
Everyday like I could

And I like to stop
At the end of the day
And I pray that I hurt nobody
Somebody new found their way”

Though it’s not too far off from the original production, there’s just something about a good song that, when down to it’s bare bones, cuts even deeper when you’re as good as he is:

And, he’s been in Texas working on new music, so get ready for that SOON:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock