Cody Jinks Delivers Flawless Performance Of ‘Loud & Heavy” From ‘Adobe Sessions Unplugged’

Cody friggin’ Jinks, man.

Studio version, live from Red Rocks, stripped down…. no matter what the setting, when Cody Jinks puts his mouth to the mic, magic comes out.

He recently released his stellar Adobe Sessions Unplugged album, a stripped down, live recording of his entire 2015 Adobe Sessions, and to nobody’s surprise, it’s lights out.

Featuring “David,” “Cast No Stones” and the rest of the phenomenal Adobe Sessions album, it of course features the hard charging fan favorite, “Loud And Heavy.”

Now anybody who’s anybody knows that “Loud & Heavy” is a barn burner, the ultimate MLB walkup song… it’s the kind of song you want to listen to right before you walk into an MMA cage fight (you know, if cage fighting was your thing).

And yet, even stripped down to the bare bones, it still finds a way to cut deep, to pack the same punch you feel down deep in your gut when the electric guitars are wailing and the drums are pounding.

But, I guess that’s just why Cody Jinks is one of the best in the business.

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A beer bottle on a dock