Go Behind The Scenes With Parker McCollum, Take A Tour Of His New House

Ever wondered what the life of The Limestone Kid is like behind the scenes?

Now you can.

CMT took fans behind the scenes in a recent interview with Parker McCollum, as they discussed life in quarantine, life on the road, his biggest influences, and his move into his new house.

In the video, he talks about how he spent most of his time in quarantine writing songs, while also doing a number of Instagram live videos of him singing.

He also talks about life on the road, how he packs, and how he spends his time while on the bus, playing video games, pounding a few drinks, and of course, sleeping (which surprisingly enough, he says he loves sleeping on the bus).

He brings up the fact that his family plays a huge roll in his music career, stating that his mom is always giving him advice (whether he asks for it or not), and his brother Tyler, who is his biggest influence as a songwriter.

And last but not least, he takes us on a “MTV welcome to my crib” style tour of his new house, and needless to say… it’s badass.

He also even mentioned the fact that he’s cutting songs for his next album…. so stay tuned, we might be getting some more great music from The Limestone Kid.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock