Jamey Johnson’s Steel Player Says A New Album Is On The Way, Features A Cover Of Charlie Daniels’ “Trudy”

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According to “Cowboy” Eddie Long, the longtime pedal steel player for Jamey Johnson (as well as Hank Jr., Kenny Chesney, and more) a new album is done and on the way.

Sitting down with the good folks of Small Batch Radio, he shared a number of stories from his days playing with Hank Jr., recording some of those great Jamey Johnson tunes and more, but then he was asked this question:

“With Jamey coming out with a new album, what do we have to look forward to here. Does it have Jamey written all over it or is it a little different?”

And his answer might be the best news you’ve heard all year:

“We went up a level in music, it’s a little bit deeper, the songs are a little bit stronger. And of course we have some Jamey stuff on there too, the originals, but we did a tribute to Charlie Daniels even, a song called “Trudy.”

And you wait until you hear the horns on this. I think he may have outdone himself, we all did there. I think you’re really gonna like it. 

It’s not as commercial, there’s a couple commercial tunes on there, a couple of covers. That’s about the time we lost Billy Joe too so we did one of his songs.

Some of the slower stuff is so sparse that you almost want to tippy toe while the songs are playing and then some of it is so strong that you better have your armor on.”

The whole interview is well worth the listen, but if nothing else, know that your dreams are about to come true.

Jamey Johnson, one of the absolute best in the business, is BACK.

Jamey will also be playing the Grand Ole Opry this Saturday so make sure to tune into that.

And speaking of Trudy…

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