Gary Allan Announces New Album, “Ruthless,” His First Since 2013

Gary Allan with a necklace

Mark your calendars, because we’ve got new music from Gary Allan on the way.

Gary announced tonight in a livestream on Facebook that his new album, Ruthless, will be released on June 25 – and the leadoff song on the album, “Temptation,” is being released tonight.

The 13-track album, his first since 2013, will feature the original band that played with Gary on his early albums like Smoke Rings In the Dark, and will also include his latest single, “Waste of a Whiskey Drink.”

Gary also revealed that he had most of the album finished prior to the pandemic, recording the last track in January 2020 just before everything shut down.

He called the collection of songs one that goes “way back,” so it sounds like these are going to be songs that will fit right in with the rest of Gary’s (underrated) catalog.

We got a sneak peak of some of the songs from the new album, including the title track which was co-written by the late producer and songwriter Busbee, which Gary says is about “somebody who breaks up with you and just completely ghosts you.”

The album will also include a studio version of “Sex,” a song that Gary’s played live in the past.

I’m definitely liking what I’m hearing from the new album so far, and Gary’s a guy who never really seems to get enough credit for all the heaters that he’s put out, so I can’t wait to hear what we’re getting on the new album.

But until June 25, I don’t mind revisiting some of the classics. Because “Smoke Rings in the Dark” just never gets old.

Ruthless Track List:

Waste of a Whiskey Drink
Till It Felt Like You
Pretty Damn Close
High As I’ve Ever Been
What I Can’t Talk About
Trouble Knows Trouble
Little Glass of Wine
The Hard Way

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