California Woman (Named Karen) Drains Two Holes-In-One… In A Span Of 23 Minutes

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I mean honestly… what’re the odds?

The odds of making a hole-in-on while playing golf are slim to none. But I guess golf is just easier for some people, as a California woman drained two holes-in-one…


Seriously, people go their whole lives without ever making a hole-in-one, even professionals.

Karen Veseth, 62, sank two holes-in-one back on April 18th, in a span of only 30 minutes.

According to, she was playing at Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club, when on the eighth hole, she pulled out a driver (yes, a driver) on the 150-yard par 3, and sank that sum’ bitch.

I guess you could say she was excited…

And she didn’t have much time to control her emotions, because 23 minutes later on the 10th hole par 3, she drilled yet ANOTHER hole-in-one with a nine-wood.

After the round, she was rewarded a $500 free tab at the clubs bar and $300 at the pro shop. Incase you didn’t know, there’s an unwritten rule in golf that states that if somebody makes a hole-in-one, that person has to buy everybody drinks at the bar.

So what does she do next? She drops $1,000 on all of her colleague’s drinks after the round (of course, $500 of it was on the club).

I guess the bar was insanely packed… or everybody was trying to get drunk… or both.

Veseth had this to say in the interview with

“I don’t think it’s hit me how amazing it is to make two in one round. I didn’t know how rare it was until after it happened.

I really couldn’t believe it after the second one went in.”

So shoutout to ol’ Karen here. We all know how life has been for Karens lately, but sounds like this one might start to turn it around for everybody.

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