Twitter Is Still Sh*tting On Kings Of Leon After Their NFL Draft Performance Last Night

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It’s pretty much safe to say that no matter who the NFL books for anything, fans are gonna hate it.

We all remember Kane Brown’s Thanksgiving Halftime Show performance that had fans begging for Creed, yes CREED, to perform instead of Kane (I mean, it’s a fair point).

But even when Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan did the National Anthem, people were complaining. You just can’t win with NFL fans lately…

King Of Leon was on hand to perform at the NFL Draft last night, and let’s just say people were less than pleased with the selection. Something about Kings Of Leon (who I really don’t mind) screams… it’s the year 2008?

Plus, their performance delayed the entire draft about 20 minutes.

Needless to say, Twitter let them, and the NFL, know:

And this morning, they’re still piling on.

As numerous Draft Day recaps start circulating the interwebs, football fans continue to remind the NFL that King Of Leon were NOT a highlight of the night.

And to be fair, I like King Of Leon, quite a bit actually. But still… OOF.

Although, as a Bears fan, this guy might be on to something…

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