McDonald’s Robber Demands McNuggets, Settles For A McMuffin Because They Were Still Serving Breakfast

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Life kind of sucks sometimes…

I’ll tell you what, nothing chaps my ass like getting to McDonald’s at the wrong time. Sometimes you’re just craving a McChicken but it’s only 9:30 in the morning and they’re “not serving” lunch yet. Like you can’t just pop one in the microwave for me? C’mon dude…

And then when you’re craving McDonald’s breakfast, but your hungover ass couldn’t get out of bed, and now they’re “not serving” breakfast anymore. Like you can’t just pop a McGriddle in the microwave for me? C’mon dude…

The struggle is real and it’s universal… even for hardened criminals.

According to Fox News, a man recently tried to rob a McDonald’s at gunpoint, and in addition to demanding cash from the register, he asked that they fill up his bag with some tasty McNuggets (I mean, might as well, right?)

But unfortunately for him, they were still serving breakfast and didn’t have any nuggets made yet. Unlike me, they were more than willing to make a menu exception for the man holding the gun, however, he wasn’t willing to stick around long enough for them to whip up a fresh batch.

He settled for a McMuffin (and the $600 bucks he stole).

And I hope he enjoyed that McMuffin because it’s the last one he’s gonna eat for a while. A judge recently sentenced him to six years in prison.

Although as it turns out, the robbery was actually committed with an unloaded air pistol, not a loaded gun.

Insert you best “Hamburglar” joke here…

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