World’s Most Adorable Grandpa Brought To Tears After Granddaughter Animates Old Photo Of Grandma, Bringing Her Back To Life

Granpa using a laptop

I’m not crying right now, you are.

I can’t imagine how tough it is to lose your lifelong partner after a ton of years of marriage, and having to spend the rest of your life without your significant other.

Well, one incredible granddaughter decided to do something special for her grandpa, who’s been missing his wife for a while after she passed away. She brought an old picture of his wife Lola in her glory days back to life, and presented it to him on a laptop.

Needless to say, Papa Jake was brought to tears, as he continually said:

“Oh my God… holy smokes. She’s alive!

Look at that smile… oh, God! I can’t believe it.”

Once he composed himself, papa Jake added that this past November would’ve been their 75-year ANNIVERSAY. Incredible.

And I’m sorry to all the others out there, but this woman just won grandchild of the year. It can’t be topped, it just can’t. I’m just trying to figure out how she was able to make this super old photo live action… Absolute genius.

Bring your tissues ladies and gentlemen… this one will turn you into a puddle.


What amazing technology to be able to see her again ❤️ #papajake #deepnostalgia #lovestory #ww2history #veteran

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