Parker McCollum Delivers Stripped-Down Piano Version Of “Like A Cowboy”

If you want to talk about momentum, few artists in country music have the kind of momentum that Parker McCollum has right now.

And looking to keep the momentum rolling, he’s been touring around Texas lately, has hinted at a new album coming in July, and recently released a stripped-down piano version of “Like A Cowboy.”

Written by Chris Stapleton with Al Anderson, “Like A Cowboy” is the first song Parker cut that he didn’t write himself.

“When I first heard ‘Like A Cowboy’ I probably listened to it 15 times in a row.

It made me think of my Grandpa who would have loved this song. He was one of my best friends and he believed in me so much that I know he’d be happy to see everything that’s happened in my career.”

And that new album might even be sooner than you think.

Buckle up.

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A beer bottle on a dock