South Carolina Man Named Tyler Childers (Seriously) Arrested For Stealing Catalytic Converters From A Car Dealer

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Oh, here we go again.

If you remember back to January, a West Virginia man named Tyler Childers was arrested after police found drugs, a sword and a dead deer in his truck. The obvious irony of the situation being that the man is named Tyler Childers… and sounds exactly like a character in a Tyler Childers song.

And of course being from West Virginia, right around where Tyler the singer grew up, it seemed like this man was facing many of issues that Tyler writes about in his songs. Issues like drug addiction, poverty, incarceration… the same issues that continue to grip parts of the Appalachia region.

However today, we have yet ANOTHER man named Tyler Childers in trouble with the law.

According to WISTV, the Lexington police (Lexington, South Carolina, not Lexington, Kentucky… that would’ve been too perfect) arrested a man named Tyler Childers for unlawful carrying of a pistol, breaking into a motor vehicle, criminal conspiracy, attempted breaking into a motor vehicle, and injury to real property.

Police were called to JT’s Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram after an alarm was tripped and found several catalytic converters hiding under a truck. After a search of the area, they were able to use a drone to locate Childers in the woods nearby. Drone police search? Hi-tech.

Of course, crime is nothing to laugh at, but once again, the irony of the situation is that this Tyler Childers reminds me of a character in a Tyler Childers song.

It takes me right to the unreleased gem “Honest Work.”

A personal favorite of mine, “Honest Work” tells the story of a couple that ultimately resorts to a life of crime to pay for their drug habit. Whether it’s working at an old folks home to steal drugs from the residents, stealing copper wire from houses, or even making their own meth… it’s just a bit of “honest work” to get by. An unfortunate reality for many.

Two different men named Tyler Childers, in two different parts of the country… who both sound like they belong in a Tyler Childers song… what are the odds?

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