Kacey Musgraves Joins George Strait For Duet Of His Hit Single “I Just Want To Dance With You”

Kacey and George.

It’s the Texas pair I never knew I needed. The two of them teamed up back in 2016 for a performance of King George’s 42nd hit number one single, “I Just Want To Dance With You” during his Las Vegas residency at T-Mobile area.

The song was originally written by the late, great John Prine and Roger Cook and recorded 12 years prior to George for John’s 1986 album German Afternoons. George would include the song on his 1998 album One Step At A Time and use it as the first single from that project.

Kacey Musgraves has long been a fan of George and growing up in Texas she was inspired by his music and talent. She said before her favorite of his is “She’ll Leave You With A Smile,” but she does a knock-out job on this song.

Of her time teaming up with the King, she says:

“The past year of shows in Vegas [with George] has been a sparkly, two-steppin’, high rollin’, unforgettable, Texan, time. THANK YOU, GS + your incredible team.”

Seeing as this was five years ago, I think we’re “down the road” enough for another collaboration soon.

I mean, they have so much natural chemistry and sound amazing together. Maybe they can sing her favorite “She’ll Leave You With A Smile” next time…

And while we’re at it, how about a little “Run.”

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