Tiger Woods Crash Investigation Reveals He Was Driving 83 MPH In A 45 MPH Zone: “No Evidence Of Breaking”

Tiger Woods holding a golf club
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for golf fans all around. Flowers are blooming, warm weather is here, pollen is wrecking everybody’s allergies, grass is getting green, and that can only mean one thing:

It’s Masters week.

The best golfers in the world are taking their talents to Augusta, Georgia to compete in arguably the biggest golf tournament on the planet, but the field will be missing a familiar face this year, Mr. Tiger Woods.

In case you haven’t heard, Tiger got into a horrible single car accident outside of Los Angeles back in February. Luckily, he made it out of the wreck alive after suffering injuries to his right leg, and according to officials, there was no evidence that he was under the influence of anything which is great news as well.

More details have come out about the awful crash that left him flipped upside down in his car in the middle of desert just off the interstate, and it turns out that Woods was going approximately 85 mph in a 45 zone, which ultimately caused him to lose control of the vehicle according to TMZ. Investigators also believe that he might have accidentally hit the gas instead of the break when he started to lose control:

There is also no evidence that Woods was on his phone texting or calling during the accident, although the Sheriff’s dept. didn’t get a warrant to check his phone records. Investigators also found no signs of impairment, AKA drugs or alcohol in the car. However another interesting fact about the investigation… Tiger has no recollection of the crash:

“So he’s not even aware of the speed until it was presented in this case.”

The Sheriff’s Department said that there will be no charges or citations for the accident. Woods is now out of the hospital and recovering at his home in Florida.

The Masters officials have also said that they will leave an open chair at the tournament dinner for Woods in honor of the five time Masters champion, however needless to say, he won’t be making it.

We all wish the man a great a recovery, and we all pray that he will fully recover and get back to full speed. He still has a major championship record to chase.

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