Budweiser Wants To Fly You To The Top Of A Mountain So You Can Scream Cuss Words At The Top Of Your Lungs

A person holding a baby on a mountain top

When you’re going through a rough time, there’s always one thing you can do to make you feel a little better: Go find a safe space, and cuss like a damn sailor for as long as your heart will let you.

After the shitty year that was 2020, Budweiser is giving fans a chance to make the absolute most of their opportunity to scream at the top of their lungs.

Let me introduce you to “Swear, Sip, and Ski.”

The Beer of Kings has created the ultimate sweepstakes, where the winners will get to take a helicopter ride to the top of an isolated scenic mountain in Snowbird, Utah, and scream away all of the gut punching agony that’s been bottled up since COVID first landed in the U.S.

Not only will winners get a free helicopter ride to the top of a mountain, they’ll also get a one-day free pass to heli-ski, a cash prize, “Budweiser inspired” lunch apres-ski, a two-night stay for two at a lodge in Snowbird, Utah, and a dinner reservation as well.

Of course, the trip will be redeemed next year to accommodate the full ski season.

I mean, it doesn’t get much better than this people. Pounding Bud Heavy’s, shredding the slopes, and capturing the jaw dropping scenery on top of a mountain in Utah, and screaming FUCK at the top of your lungs for as long as you want? Say less.


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