Eric Church Gets The COVID Vaccine, Encourages His Fans To Do The Same: “I Just Want To Play Shows”

Eric Church wearing sunglasses
Joe Pugliese

Take a deep breath everyone, Mr. Entertainer of the Year Eric Church has been vaccinated.

He’s the next country star in a line of them, like Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson to get his. He’s said it before, he’s hoping to get back out on tour as quickly and safely as possible. 

In a recent interview with Billboard, where the photo of him getting injected will grace the cover, he revealed he put his name on wait lists across several counties near the Nashville area when they opened up for his group.

He did so using his first name Kenneth, so as to not get special treatment or be placed further ahead of other people in line. 

He said he views the vaccine as: 

“A godsent miracle… It became very clear to me that the only way to really get back to normal is through vaccinations. You’ve got to get needles in arms.

If you believe you shouldn’t, I don’t have a problem with it. I’m a liberty guy, too. I get it. But I view this a little differently than most other things. We’ve never encountered this.”

With several states opening up live music venues again and many artists getting back on the road where they can, Eric sees a huge opportunity for himself to do the same with even more people starting to get the vaccine:

“I just want to play shows. Politics’ job is to divide — that’s how you win elections. Those things that unite us are music and sports. The times when, whether you’re a Democrat or Republican or whatever, you throw your arm around the person next to you.”

He also noted in the interview that he doesn’t want to be back out on tour until the venues can be at full capacity. Eric and his team have already decided they will take care of all the extra expenses that come with getting back out on the road, should extra safety protocols make the price of tickets go up.

Like many of us, he’s dying to get back to live music. And I’m dying to see him again, so hopefully this will help us get one step closer. He’s the best in the business and live music is his bread and butter.

“All I’ve ever done is play live shows. That’s my whole gig.”

He remarked before it’s the one thing that will save us, and he quite poignantly reiterated in this interview how important it is:

“We become one. We need that. I need that.”

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