John Hunter Nemechek & Matt Crafton Teams Get Heated After Bristol Crash: “Better Keep His Crew Chief Under F*cking Order”

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Warmer weather has finally started rolling around, but that’s not the only thing heating up. Tempers flared at Bristol Motor Speedway during the Truck Series Race this morning.

John Hunter Nemechek and Matt Crafton collided mid-race, and Crafton’s crew chief had some choice words for Nemechek’s and company after the wreck.

“Better keep his crew chief under his f*cking order, before I punch him in his f*cking throat. Don’t you ever f*cking stare at me like that.”

Team Nemechek’s response?

“Whoever is listening to this you can kiss my rosy ass” (And then several other expletive’s I couldn’t make out).

“He can stick it right up where the sun don’t shine.”

SHEESH. You gotta love some racin’ controversy.

Nemechek met for an interview with FOX Sports after the incident, and continued to show his dismay.

“I don’t know Matt just flat out ran over me, and that one will be in the memory bank. But we were fine, didn’t hit anything and then there towards the end of that whole deal, uh the 19  I guess him and his spotter both need a set of glasses.”

I guess things will be pretty dicey when the two have an opportunity to meet again.

Gotta love Bristol baby.

Here’s the video of the wreck.

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