Paige Spiranac Destroys Sports Commentator Calling Her Ad Garbage: “F*ck Off… Tag Me Next Time You Coward”

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As a model, sports personality and former professional golfer, Paige Spiranac has never been afraid to speak her mind.

And one of the topics that comes up pretty often? Her looks.

On a recent podcast episode of the “The Range” podcast with Teddy Greenstein, she even joked that she doesn’t wear much clothing on the golf course to avoid a Wesley Bryan situation in the water.

So of course, every now and then, you’ll have someone who is looking to make headlines by coming after her with their unnecessary comments about the way she looks and/or dresses.

According to, Francis Leach, an Australian sports/media personality posted a tweet about one of Paige’s advertisements for the betting company, Points Bet. She was wearing a tight red dress while holding a golf club and a phone with their sports app on it.

Leach called the ad “garbage,” basically saying that ads like this are the reason why men continue to objectify women.

Here’s the since-deleted tweet.


Her response? Two simple words…

“F*ck off.”

After his mentions lit up like the Fourth of July, he deleted the tweet.

Of course, Leach didn’t tag her in the initial tweet so she called him out for that as well.

“G Money” also added his two cents, and Paige dropped the hammer on him too.

But overall, the most of comment section showed their support for Paige, as well as a pretty basic understanding of advertising. Attractive men and women have been doing ads since the beginning of time… it’s not exactly rocket science Francis.

Needless to say, I think Mr. Leach found out the hard way that if you’re gonna come at Paige, you’re gonna get put in your place.

Lesson learned.

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