Whiskey Myers Created A “Greatest Hits” Bracket For March Madness… Here’s My Final Four

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With NCAA March Madness in full swing, the fellas of Whiskey Myers decided to join in on the fun.

The band created a bracket of their own, including 32 of their biggest hits. Fans are encouraged to go vote for their favorite Whiskey Myers song, and for every round that individuals vote, they will be entered into a raffle to win a piece of “exclusive bracket merchandise.”

Currently the Sweet 16 bracket is playing for a spot in the Elite Eight.

In the “Sugar Sand Region,” “Ballad of a Southern Man” is up against “Bar, Guitar, & A Honky Tonk Crowd,” while “Bury My Bones” duals against “On the River.”

Let’s be honest, there’s a clear winner here…

“Down in the South Region” has the competition heating up with “Virginia” vs. “Frogman” and “Gasoline” vs. “Broken Window Serenade.” Things look like they could get very interesting in the Elite Eight round for this region. If I had to predict, I would definitely say a dual between “Virginia” and “Broken Window Serenade” is in the near future.

On the other side of the bracket we have the “Wiggy Region” and the “PODS Region”.

The “Wiggy Region” has “Stone” against “Glitter Ain’t Gold” and “Lonely East Texas Nights” playing “Trailer We Call Home.” Pretty interesting line up since “Stone” and “Glitter Ain’t Gold” have two different sounds, and “Lonely East Texas Nights” and “Trailer We Call Home” could be argued to be on a similar level. A tough round for sure.

Although, I wouldn’t be surprised to see “Stone” emerge as the victor in that region.

Finally, the “PODS Region” has “Bitch” vs. “Rolling Stone” and “Early Morning Shakes” competing against “Mud.”


Which songs will make it to the “Greatest Hits Final Four”? What title will be champion? It could be “Stone,” it could be “Broken Window Serenade,” or maybe “Ballad of a Southern Man?” I think we can all agree that they are all winners, but you can help decide by voting yourself. You can go to the band’s site to fill out your bracket.

That being said… here’s my Final Four:

“Ballad Of A Southern Man”

“Broken Window Serenade”


“Early Morning Shakes”

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