On This Date: Brooks & Dunn Release “My Maria” In 1996, And It’s Still Fire 25 Years Later

1996, what a time to be alive.

On this date in 1996, warm weather was starting to come around, country music was at its best, and Brooks & Dunn released one of the most iconic songs of their career, “My Maria.”

From their album Borderline, the song hit number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs and Canada Country Tracks, and a peek at 79 on the Billboard Hot 100, and still manages to continue its popularity, even today.

However, the group wasn’t the first to write and release this song. Originally written by B.W. Stevenson and Daniel Moore back in 1973, Stevenson released the single and saw top 10 success on several country charts.

But like most Brooks & Dunn songs, you just can’t listen to “My Maria” and not smile at least one time. It’s physically impossible. I don’t care if you don’t even like country music, as soon as Ronnie lets it rip, you’re mood is instantly changed for the better. Personally, this song reminds me of some damn good summer nights with friends, and now 25 years later, the song still takes me back to the good times. That’s when you know Ronnie and Kix did it right.

So kudos to Stevenson for putting this gem of a song on the map, and Brooks & Dunn for absolutely blowing it out of the water.

The original:

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