12-Year-Old Texas Kid Reels In Record Breaking 72-Pound Blue Catfish

A person standing next to a large fish

You have to love a heartfelt fishing story shared between a grandfather and his grandson.

Going out on the lake, having a nice conversation, sharing a few laughs, maybe catch a bass or two.

Yeah, that’s your typical grandfather-grandson fishing trip story, but this story goes a mile beyond your average family trip to the lake.

Cade Childress, a 12-year old kid from Texas, got a free fishing trip on Lake Tawakoni with Whisk’R Fish’N Trophy Guide Service from his grandfather for Christmas. I know, the fact that he went out with a guide who knows all of the good spots instead of catching fish by himself makes the story a little less great, but the fish the youngin’ caught was an absolute MAMMOTH.

According to USA Today, Childress reeled in a 72.4-POUND, 50.75 INCH BLUE CATFISH. Yes, you heard that correctly. Although Blue Catfish are traditionally pretty big, but they put up a helluva fight. Plus, Cade himself weighs only 85 pounds so we’re talking a catfish that is literally almost as big as he is.

Shiloh Childress, Cade’s father, had a lot to say about the catch in an interview with The Dallas Morning News:

“Cade only weighs 85 pounds, so it was pretty much a true tug of war between him and the fish.

He pressed his feet against the back seat to get leverage and keep from getting pulled overboard. The fish was just about as big as he was.”

To add some icing to the cake, the kid is expected to hold the Texas state record for the Junior Angler Division. The Dallas Morning News stated that the young man’s catch will surpass the current record, which was 67 pounds caught by Brayden Rogers back in 2019.

According to James Evans of Whisk’R Fish’N, he expects the announcement for Cade’s record certification tomorrow, March 25th.

Atta boy Cade, way to put your name in the record books. And not gonna lie, Cade Childress has a good ring to it. Maybe we’ll be seeing him on the podium at a future Bassmaster Classic.

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