Jason Aldean Says Morgan Wallen Is His Favorite Artist Right Now, Hopes He’s Back “Sooner Rather Than Later”

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Go ahead and count Jason Aldean as another artist in Morgan Wallen’s corner.

Jason recently sat down with Big Loud recording artist Ernest for an episode of his podcast, Just Being ERNEST. And when asked who his own favorite artist is, Aldean had some high praise for Morgan Wallen:

“I’ll be honest, man, Morgan Wallen to me is one of the most talented guys to come through this town in a long time just from a writing standpoint, from a singing standpoint.”

Aldean also discussed having Morgan on tour with him for his 2020 We Back Tour:

“He was out on tour with me last year and, to me, and I even told Morgan this when he was out with us, I was like ‘man, you’re the next superstar of our business man.’ I mean you could just kind of tell, he just had that thing.

I love his voice, I love the songs he’s cutting, I love his vibe, he’s got his own little thing that’s him, that’s nobody else. And I think to me, that’s what being a star is. He’s the guy that I’ve been the most excited about in this town for a long time.”

And while they didn’t spend much time addressing the recent controversy surrounding Morgan’s use of a racial slur, Aldean did say that he hopes Morgan is back “sooner rather than later.”

“Hopefully everything that’s going on with him will get straightened out and he’ll be back sooner rather than later because he’s a great talent, man.”

Ernest, who has written many songs for Morgan, and is also on the same label (or at least he was until Big Loud suspended Morgan in light of the controversy), also recently showed his support for Morgan at a show put on by the label.

Jason’s interview also comes on the heels of Jimmie Allen calling for forgiveness for Morgan, while also calling out all of the white people on social media who claim to be so offended by Morgan’s use of the racial slur.

And even though Jimmie wasn’t personally offended by Morgan’s actions, he did agree that there should be consequences:

“But I’m glad that there was consequences because you have to be accountable for what you said.

‘Hey man, you said this, you need a time out right now bro. You need to go become a better person because you have too many people looking at you and too many lives that you’re influencing to have this type of reckless behavior because it tells other people that it’s ok.’”

As of right now, Morgan is still suspended by his record label and hasn’t really said anything publicly since releasing an apology video after the incident.

But with more and more people in the industry coming out in support of him, you’ve got to think it’s just a matter of time before Morgan emerges from his industry-imposed timeout and slowly but surely steps back into the spotlight.

You can see Aldean’s full interview with Ernest here:

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