Bring Home That Stale Dive Bar Smell With Miller Lite’s New Line Of “Bar Smell” Candles

A couple of candles on a table

Man, I miss going to the bar.

Grabbing some drinks, sitting around an outdoor patio, going out on the town,… it all leads to memories at some point that lasts a lifetime.

And since bars are still for the most part closed around the country (or at least limited to patios, window seats, or reduced capacities), Miller Lite is making an effort to bring those atmospheres to your own home.

Well, sort of…

Miller Lite has unveiled a new line of candles (yes, you heard that correctly) called “Bar Smells,” with scents that remind you of your favorite bar.

A couple of candles on a table

They come in three distinct smells:

Dive Bar: Musk, Tobacco, Pine, Yeast

Game Day Bar: Salted Peanut, Jalapeno, Cracked Leather

Beer Garden: Green Moss, Warm Pretzel, Cracked Wood, Sunburn

Not gonna lie, I love a good dive bar as much as anybody, but the smell of cigarettes, throw up, and rotting wood isn’t necessarily a smell I would want to bring into my home. But hey, that’s just me. However, it is for a great cause though, as all proceeds will go directly to the hospitality industry, an industry that’s been hammered during the pandemic.

Cody Jinks said it best:

“I like two dollar beers, I like three dollar wells, at some old honkytonk bar that I know by the smell.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock