Angels Fan Stops Screaming Foul Ball With Beer Can, Definitely Saving A Lady From Getting Drilled In The Head

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Damn, I miss going to baseball games.

There’s nothing better than getting an ice-cold beer, kicking back in the summer heat, and watching your favorite team take the field.

I also miss fans being at baseball games, snagging home runs or foul balls with one hand while not spilling a drop of beer. SportsCenter Top 10 material. And then you have those “Not So Top 10” kind of people who completely flop, and end up drenching the grandma in the seat right next to them with beer.

But here, we see how a cold beer can come in handy, and potentially even save a life.

Fans were enjoying a Los Angeles Angels spring training game, when a hard line drive was scorched into the stands. One fan had only a split second to react, as the ball was screaming towards him, so he held up his $12 beer can hoping that it would shield him or others from getting nailed by the ball.

Little did he know, he saved a woman in the seat right next time from getting her head taken off by the baseball. The ball deflected off the beer, and the guy got drenched by his own Michelob Ultra, but nobody was harmed.

I mean, just look at where the ball is going in the first picture here… right for her oblivious head (and props to this photographer by the way… helluva job capturing this).

Smart move my guy, smart move.

And just in case you were worried about the destroyed beer, it’s okay, the guy got something much better in return. The Angels saw the astounding play and rewarded the hero with a signed baseball bat from star Angels centerfielder Mike Trout.

I’d say that’s a win if you ask me.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock