Crowd Roars For Florida Spring Breaker Who Tried To Escape From The Cops While Still In Handcuffs

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Spring break… what a wild time in the life of a college kid.

A week of staying in a cheap motel on some beach with all of your best friends, taking in ungodly amounts of alcohol to the point where your liver, kidneys and pancreas start to shut down. You’re just bound to do something outrageous. And by outrageous, I mean illegal.

You already know cops mark spring break week down on their calendar, just dying to get a hold of your dumb ass. I mean, talk about an awkward phone call, calling your parents from a jail cell at the beach and having to explain yourself after promising your parents you weren’t gonna do anything stupid.

Many colleges have foregone spring break this year due to COVID-19, but there’s a ton that didn’t. Spring breakers all migrated down to Florida to celebrate their time off, and that led to a whopping 150 people arrested in Miami alone, while others twerked on cop cars and watched.

But up in Clearwater, another dude happened to get himself arrested, but then he decided to make it even worse on himself with one of the ballsiest decisions anybody could make.

According to TMZ, the guy was arrested after getting into a fight, and was already in the back of the Police SUV in handcuffs when he gets a little “help” from a fellow partygoer. The door just pops open (I didn’t see anybody touch it), his freedom immediately within reach, and you already know what the bozo tried to do next…

Yep, ran for it… hands still cuffed behind his back as the crowd roared around him.

But…. he didn’t get far.

Bold strategy, Cotton. I guess it’s not as easy as the movies….

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