Garth Brooks On Writing With Ashley McBryde Yesterday: “She’s An Animal, Man. She Tore It Up”

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Now that Trisha Yearwood has recovered from her bout with COVID-19, it’s business as usual for Garth Brooks.

After a long layoff from his Facebook Live show, Garth finally made a return, and fans noticed pretty quickly that he wasn’t in his normal Studio G setting. Brooks said that he had been writing earlier in the day so that’s why he didn’t make it home in time for Inside Studio G.

“We started writing, and we started writing this morning. But it was one of those sessions that you’re writing with two people that love country music.

So, before you ever start writing, you’re kind of knocking songs back from Keith Whitley, all the way over to Tammy Wynette, all the way over to Vern Gosdin, just back and forth, and it was a lot of fun.”

Naturally, the next question was “well, who were you writing with?”

And g was really gonna try and keep it a secret (you know, in dramatic Garth fashion), but he finally cracked and spilled it… and this is where it gets interesting:

“I gotta tell ya, today was an amazing day. I got to write… she’s going to kill me… I got to write with Ashley McBryde today, which I’ve never got to, so that was pretty friggin’ cool. And Mitch Rossell. We got a three-way writ

And the truth is, Mitch will back me up on this, me and Mitch just kind of sat and watched her. She’s an animal man, she just tore it up.

And I can tell you what we wrote… something country… this one is stone country.”

Garth and Ashley doing a little writing together? I like that…

And they even had to mention Keith Whitley too… imagine how good a cover of “Don’t Close Your Eyes” would be with Garth and Ashley on the mic.

But really though, anytime Ashley McBryde is involved, you’re going to be looking at something good.

We're Back!

We’re back in more ways than one!!! love, g #StudioG

Posted by Garth Brooks on Monday, March 15, 2021

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