Kentucky’s Legendary “Cocaine Bear” Is Being Made Into A Movie & Tyler Childers Better Be On The Soundtrack

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A bear dying of a cocaine overdose, a former narcotics officer turned drug smuggler, fatally jumping out of airplanes… this sounds f*cking WILD.

Around Kentucky, “Cocaine Bear” is a legendary story, a household name.

As the story goes, a former narcotics officer and lawyer turned drug dealer, Andrew Thornton II, was on a drug run from Colombia when he dropped $15 million in cocaine from a plane in several spots all across the southeast. Topping off his run, he jumped from his auto-piloted plane, but died in a free-fall after getting caught up in his parachute.

The now legendary black bear thought he’d stick his nose in one of these rogue piles of the devil’s dandruff… and after packing his stomach full, the bear died (RIP).

The bear’s body ended up being stuffed and turned into a tourist attraction, and year’s later, it wound up in a pawn shop owned by Waylon Jennings. Hell, the bear even popped up on a TV ad five years ago, dubbed “Pablo Escobear.”

I mean shit, if there was ever a story so wild that it should be made into a movie, this is it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Elizabeth Banks will be directing the movie, affectionately titled “Cocaine Bear,” and it’ll give us a dirty look inside the insanity that went on in Lexington back in 1985. Produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, filming for the movie could begin as early as this summer.

Here’s the full synopsis:

And all I gotta say is…

If Tyler Childers isn’t involved in the soundtrack somehow, the whole thing will be a colossal failure.

Ain’t nothin’ better when the wind cuts cold…

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