Sturgill Simpson Resurrects Dick Daddy Survival School Merch To Raise Money For Flooding In Kentucky

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The Dick Daddy is BACK.

Last summer, Sturgill Simpson raised nearly half a million dollars for the Special Forces Foundation, Equity Alliance, and MusiCares Covid-19 fund via the sale of his limited-edition Dick Daddy Survival School merchandise.

It pretty much started as a joke, it morphed into a massive charity fundraiser, and wound up kickstarting the Cuttin’ Grass project (which was incredible).

And now, in light of the massive amount of flooding that is happening in Kentucky, the Dick Daddy Survival School line is back. One hundred percent of all net proceeds will be donated to “Aspire Appalachia” in Jackson, KY.

“The Appalachian region of Southeastern Kentucky was ravaged by severe flooding this past Monday.

My hometown of Jackson seemingly suffered the worst of it, especially the immediate areas around Panbowl Lake and Lakeside where I lived as a child. Over 25% of Breathitt County was affected and in Jackson, a city with a population of roughly just over 2000, over 1000 people were displaced or completely lost everything.

Some of those who lost everything did not have very much to lose to begin with and are now literally living in tent cities. It goes without saying this is something weighing extremely heavy on my heart.”

He went on to add that countless volunteers are working around the clock, but wants to blow the half a million number out of the water:

“One week later, countless volunteers are still working around the clock managing donation distribution centers, while city and county officials continue to evaluate what can and needs to be done, not only in immediate terms of basic necessities and cleanup supplies, but also long-term to ensure every effort is being coordinated to help as many of those affected as possible rebuild their lives.

You guys raised close to a half million dollars this past June, so with total humility and humanity, I am now asking all of you that are able to respectfully blow that number completely out of the water and help a town I care deeply about put itself back together.”

Getcha wallets out folks (if you can), we got some people to help.

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