Parker McCollum Releases New “To Be Loved By You” Red Wine

A person sitting at a table with a row of bottles of wine

For all the ladies (and the dudes) out there who’ve been dying to get their hands of a bottle of Parker McCollum’s new wine, today is the day your dreams come true.

McCollum announced his wine back on February 1st, but today, the shelves will be full of his new “To Be Loved By You” Cab Sauvignon.

Parker has teamed up with Christeni Vineyards to create his very own cab sav, inspired by the title of his new single, “To Be Loved By You.”

And for those of you who have developed palates beyond that of Franzia box wine, here’s the tasting notes:

Blackberry, strawberry jam, spice aromas followed by fennel, anise, sage, dried herbs and sage notes, giving way to a  silky smooth finish of vanilla, cream and lush tannins.

Pinkies up.

This is the perfect opportunity to get your significant other a bottle of “To Be Loved By You,” play McCollum’s song “To Be Loved By You” (and perhaps a few others) and spark up a little romance… whatcha say?

Getcha some.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock