Dad Rigs Up “Formula Bong” To Help His Infant Daughter Gain More Weight

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Dad of the year or idiot of the year?

After a trip to the doctor’s office, Seattle-area dad Rudy Willingham was told his 8-month daughter Lily needed a higher calorie intake before her next visit to the doctor. She was only in the 2nd percentile in weight and needed to pack on the pounds.

And boy, Rudy took them orders to heart.

Instead of, you know, Googling ways to feed your baby more calories, Willingham decided on more unorthodox techniques. And by techniques, I’m talking about a method you’d only see on Blue Mountain State or Animal House: The good ol’ fashioned formula bong.

Willingham had this to say about his past experiences with the beer bong:

“My daughter is 2nd percentile in weight so we’re trying out some new feeding techniques. Worked for me in college, should work for her too right?”

And before everybody panics and thinks he’s waterboarding his infant child with formula, we aren’t talking about your basic beer funnel. This original invention included the smallest beer bong he could find on Amazon, along with a bottle nipple attached to the end.

“I was pretty lucky because it was a perfect fit with the end of the bong, almost like they were always meant to be together!”

I mean, he might be on to something here… or he might have a mob of disapproving moms coming after him… it’s too early to tell.

Either way, she’s gonna be the beer bong champ by the time she gets to college.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock