Woman Takes Off Her Panties In Line At The Grocery Store, Wears Them As A Mask To Avoid Being Kicked Out

How long have we been doing this whole mask thing again?

It’s been over a year of dealing with the COVID pandemic, and much of that process has been learning to adapt to wearing masks in public.

And I get it. They suck. I hate wearing them too. But right now, at least for most of the world, it’s the rules.

So how do you forget to bring a mask with you when you go grocery shopping after all this time?

Well apparently this woman found herself without a mask in the grocery store recently. And when confronted about it, rather than leave behind her cart full of groceries, she made due with what she had.

And what she had was her thong.

A now-viral video shows the woman being confronted by store security about not wearing a mask before reaching under her dress to pull off her thong and slipping it over her head.

I mean, they say as long as it covers your mouth and nose, right?

And while the woman featured in the video is wild enough on her own, I think my favorite part is the woman behind her in line cheering her on.

“Well, personally, I find it acceptable: It is a mask. And quite frankly, I think the bacteria on your knickers is less than on the mask.”

Now I’m not a scientist or bacteriologist (that’s a thing, right?) so I don’t know how true that is. But I know that I’m not going to be putting a pair of my dirty underwear on my head any time soon, no matter how bad I need groceries.

And if this story sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because this isn’t the first time somebody has stripped off their underwear in public to fashion into a mask – hell, it’s not even the first time it’s been caught on video.

Back in May of last year, a woman was filmed doing the same thing in a Ukrainian post office.

Just carry a mask with you, people. If for no other reason than so you don’t end up having to put a dirty thong on your face to get your groceries.

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