Whataburger Is Officially Coming To Nashville

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Whoo baby!

Picture this: You’re in the Uber back to your hotel in Nashville after a long night of throwing back shots at Honky Tonk Central. You know tomorrow’s going to be rough and you need to eat something to take the edge off the inevitable hangover.

Right now your options are pretty much either Cook Out or Taco Bell. And don’t get me wrong, I do love me a Cook Out tray at 2 in the morning. I mean, have you seen how much food comes on those things? And where else can you get a quesadilla and chicken nuggets as a SIDE?

But what if you looked up ahead and saw that bright orange “W” and knew that Whataburger was in your immediate drunken future? THAT’S the dream.

Well now that dream might become a reality.

There’s been a big push to bring Whataburger back to Nashville recently (and I say “back” because Whataburger had several locations in Nashville way back in the 1970s), and the company even said back in 2019 that they were exploring the possibility of opening up some restaurants in Nashville, but speculation grew towards the end of last year when the chain submitted plans for a new location in the area.

Well today, Whataburger made it official: They’re coming to Music City.

The company’s first store will be located at 5055 Old Hickory Boulevard in Hermitage, but additional locations in Nashville are planned to open in 2022.

Let’s fucking GO!

The Texas-based chain currently has over 800 restaurants in 10 different states across the south, but the Nashville-area locations will be Whataburger’s first in Tennessee.

If you’re not from the south you may have never had Whataburger, and probably don’t get the hype around it. But for my dollar, Whataburger is just about the best fast food burger you’re going to find (and I’ve never had In-N-Out so don’t @ me with that).

Hell, I’ve had friends who made the three hour trip from Nashville to Birmingham, Alabama just to get Whataburger – sober.

But when it comes to drunk food, Whataburger will be THE place to go in Nashville after a hard night of partying. A patty melt and or a bacon burger to soak up all that alcohol? Get outta here, because it doesn’t get any better than that.

I’m getting hungry already.

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A beer bottle on a dock