Eric Church’s “Lotta Boot Left To Fill” Is Exactly How I Feel About TikTok Country

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From Nashville Hype Houses, to “Dicked Down in Dallas” to an insane number of Morgan Wallen lip syncs, there’s no denying that TikTok has changed country music, and the music scene as a whole. Is it a great way to get your music out there? Absolutely. Is it also a way for talentless hacks to rocket to viral fame? Unfortunately yes…

People getting famous for singing ten seconds of someone else’s song, people getting famous for pretending to sing ten seconds of someone else’s song, songs written for the sole purpose of a viral dance trend, I mean, what the hell is going on? Guys that couldn’t sell out an Applebee’s are topping the iTunes charts… and then getting record deals!

And sure, you have some promising talent here and there,  Kat Hasty’s “Pretty Things” has popped off on there as well, but overall, the focus is on fame, not substance. Going viral, not making art.

So when things in the world go crazy, we look for stability, a beacon of truth, a guiding light, a leader. Someone fearlessly outspoken, but considerate of all sides. Reasonable, but steadfast in principle. Measured, yet risky.

We turn to The Chief, Eric Church.

And where did Eric address this madness? A tweet? Instagram video? A new song?

Nope, Eric was far ahead of the times. Right at the cusp of the Bro-Country Era, the year “Big Green Tractor” went number one, way back in 2009, Eric Church put out his statement on today’s madness.

“Lotta Boot Left To Fill”

The second track from his Carolina album, Eric addresses the playing cowboy, acting tough guys, the hacky name dropping and focus on brand and style rather than substance. Of course, it doesn’t specifically mention the explosion of a social media app that allow teenagers to build millions of followers overnight by winking at the camera while saying “Y’all,” but it pretty much covers the principle of doing it fast, doing it cheap and following the societal trend of the month until you get bucked off to the bargain bin…

Tell me if this doesn’t sound familiar…

“Get-ups, gimmicks
One hit wonders that don’t stick
Pretty boys acting tough
Boy bands give it up
And if it looks good on TV
It’ll look good on a CD
Shape it up, trim it down
Who gives a damn ’bout how it sounds.”

And that’s just the first verse.

How about the chorus…

“I don’t think Waylon done it that way
And if he was here he’d say Hoss, neither did Hank
I ain’t dogging what you’re doing
But boys come on let’s get real
You still got a lotta boot left to fill.”

And then there’s that line everybody loves about Johnny Cash whoopin’ some ass…

So to all the “influencers,” enjoy the fame while you have it, but take a note from The Chief.

You still got a lotta boot left to fill.

And that face melting live version:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock